Our God is an awesome God and continues to show His glory as the team prepares. There have already been some amazing blessings that can only be counted to God’s hand.

  • The round trip plane tickets to Lima, Peru are purchased at almost half the price of regular coach seating.
  • We have plans to distribute New Testament Bibles in Spanish. One of the team members began calling and spoke with a publisher who, after hearing about the trip, donated 100 copies at no cost.
  • Early in the week the team is scheduled to travel to the earthquake damaged area outside the city and build a prefab home for a family. Bro. Williams thinks that, with the size of our team, we might be able to build two homes. The determining factor is the $500 per house cost. God again teaches exciting lessons of prayer and faith. A group of men outside the church have donated over $1000 to cover the cost for two homes.

There are only 18 days remaining before the team leaves. If you are planning to bring in items for the missionaries or provide funds toward items or individuals, please bring the items in as soon as possible. It will take some time for the team to divide things to balance the weight among the suitcases.

God has blessed in so many ways already and we are excited to see what He will do next. If you are on a prayer team please continue to pray for the team’s preparation. If you have not heard from your Peru Team member please contact them and see what specific needs they may have before departure.