A team of 13 from Grace Baptist Church will be heading down to Lima, Peru on November 17th for 9 days. We are excited about the opportunities God has for the team.

Our itinerary includes working with the Williams, Liles, Garrison Missionary Team doing earthquake relief work. There is a possibility that we will be able to build small homes somewhere around the 10’x 20’size that will house an entire family. If funding is available, the missionaries feel that with our size team we should be able to build two homes. The cost for each prefab home is $500. Please pray that the finances will be contributed to build both homes.

The second half of the week will provide us the opportunity to work with our own missionary Rachel Freese. We are looking forward to sharing in some of the activities at the school she works in as well as assisting with the medical missions.

The scheduling will mean that we are down there over the Thanksgiving holiday. It will truly be a blessing to share this holiday time with our missionary teams in the area. There are several prayer items we would like to share for the trip.

1. You may be receiving a letter from the Lima team members describing the trip and asking for your support. This ministry opportunity is a team effort that allows the team (goers + prayer support + senders) to share in the blessings of the mission. The most vital part is to join with us as a Prayer Team Member. We are working to build teams of at least 10 people (members and non members) to commit to praying for us and the work before and during the trip.

2. Some of the Lima team members may also be asking for financial support for the trip. Please pray about assisting if possible. Other financial needs include the monies for the prefab houses. The cost is $500 for each. We will also be taking items for the missionary’s kids as well as items to pass out in the small communities where our missionary teams are serving. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please contact the church for information on how to donate.

3. We will be working to build 1 or 2 homes early in the week. This will make us very visible in the small communities that were hit by the earthquake. Please pray that as we labor we will also have many opportunities to share the Word. The University in the area is asking that we come in and take time to speak with their students in English to assist them in their language skills. This will be an excellent chance for us to share as the subjects are not limited to a specific topic. The medical missions work towards the end of the week will expose us to perhaps the poorest of people. We need to be humble servants bringing the Truth of Life. We are also asking prayer for God’s working in our team. Pray that as we minister to others in the Lima area, we are open to His teaching in our lives.