Discovery Center - Ages 0 through 3 years.


Discovery Center: Little lives discovering love, friends, and Jesus!

Cradle Club 0-12 months 
Tiny Tots 13-24 months 
Busy Bugz 25-36 months


Cradle Club

Ages: 0-12 monthsPicture of infant sleeping on mother's shoulder

We welcome your baby to our Cradle Club room. In this class, your baby is cared for by loving, attentive workers who will follow the instructions you have given on your child's label. We provide swings, bouncy seats, excersaucers, and toys. When your baby needs a nap, we will provide a crib that is all their own. Our linens are washed every week, so you can be sure your baby sleeps in a clean, snuggly bed.

If you like to keep in close contact with your baby, we offer pagers so that we can let you know right away if your child needs you. Just ask for one at the drop off desk.

We have a refrigerator and microwave to store and warm bottles at your request.

Nursing mothers will enjoy our private nursing room. It provides you and your baby a relaxing place to be together.

Tiny Tots

Ages: 13-24 months

Picture of toddler friends

Attention all crawlers and beginning walkers... Tiny Tots is the class for you! This classroom has lots of fun for boys and girls. There is a light schedule of activities planned for each service that will keep your little one entertained and happy.

Activities include singing, Bible Story time, playing with toys, toddler crafts and games, and snack time. Our snacks are usually brought in by gracious parents, so please mark on your child's label if they have any food allergies that we need to be aware of.

Should your child fall asleep from all the fun, we will offer a cozy place to take a nap.

Please be sure your child's name is on their diaper bag and their juice cup.

We ask that you do not bring in toys from home as children at this age may not always respect someone else's property.

This is the class where lifetime friendships begin as children learn, play, and grow up together.

So, bring your sippy cup and join us in Tiny Tots for great fun!


Busy Bugz

Age: 25-36 monthsPicture of child reading

Busy Bugz class is the place for your "Big" toddler. Their friends will be here each week to worship God and have an awesome time together.

Teachers are ready to go with a planned schedule that includes all kinds of activities.

This class uses a fun curriculum that is designed just for them. Children will sing praises unto God, hear a Bible story and focus on a theme such as 'God gives us Families' for an entire month so that they will remember what they have learned. A short 3-4 word Bible verse is taught and reinforced that goes with the theme of the month.

Craft time, snack time and toy play time are also included to keep our Bugz busy.