Hey, friends, it’s Emma.

Today was a good day. I could give you a million reasons why, but here are just a few:

  1. Camp ran smoothly – Being fully honest, I was pretty nervous about what was going to happen today. No one on the team has ever been involved with an Upward Sports camp! We knew a rough outline of what was supposed to happen, but it was rough. (Personally speaking, the planner in me has been stretched and definitely grown because of this!) As a team, we are grateful to God for His care in how today went.
  2. God changed our plans – Maybe changed isn’t the right word. I guess I should say things were just different than we expected. We had six kids show up for the camp. Six isn’t very many when there are over twelve leaders. But God brought us some very sweet kids, who are very open to talking and engaging with us. Most of them have attended previous sports camps this summer. Praise the Lord, the kids were able to explain the salvation bracelets almost on their own! Seeing only six kids was very humbling, but seeds have been planted already, and we’re excited to hopefully continue share Truth with them.
  3. God is unifying our team – Already there have been multiple occasions where God has allowed us to grow together as a team. Playing sports all day, thinking through what needs to be done for the next day, and just being around eleven other personalities really can irritate a person. But God has given us sound leadership and good attitudes. We are praising Him for that!

So, there you go, a few reasons why today was a good day. God is good all the time, friends. And He is proving himself good in Toronto.

Em 🙂