It was brought to my attention that the Amsterdam posts never concluded the trip. Tonight we met together as a team for a final time to enjoy home made pizza, share pictures and discuss the trip.

Speaking for the team, I want to thank each person that prayed for us, helped us financially, and provided items to take over to the O’Grady’s. The time spent with this missionary family was as much an encouragement to our team as we were hopefully to them.

While in Amsterdam we were able to experience worshipping together with a newly formed church that is less than 3 months old. We were able to be part of a Missional Community evening sharing a meal in a home and visiting with people from many different cultures. At one point during the evening people from five different countries were sitting at the table enjoying conversation. We visited church buildings that have been open since the late 1500’s, saw art from some of the most famous artists in the world and attempted to try to adjust to a new culture by participating in a scavenger hunt requiring us to find things a missionary would need their first weeks in a new culture.

One of the great parts of our trip, was the perspective of building relationships and the need to be intentional in sharing the Gospel. We see a little clearer the people around us that we can have an impact on for the Gospel if we purposefully strive to be an integral part of their lives.

In closing we shared a note this evening that the missionary sent specific to our team but can be applied to any mission trip. “When considering what you wanted to do when you got back, think about the “WHY” before the “What”. It is easy to come back from a mission trip with a list full of “What I Should Do.” But we need to solidify the “Why”. Why do I want to do these things? Why are they important? Why did I not do them before? When we biblically answer the “Why’s” in our heart, the biblical “What’s” will more naturally and consistently occur.”

Thank you from this mission team for the many ways you supported and encouraged us on this trip.