IMG_3425Psalm 8:5 – You have crowned him with glory and honour…
On my first trip to Guatemala in 2009 we visited the orphanage  called “New Life” in Solola near lake Atitlan.  My heart was saddened with the reality that these beautiful and precious babies would not have the opportunity to be adopted by foreigners because the adoption laws in Guatemala had recently changed.  Those laws are still in place seven years later, and those babies have now grow into 8 year old children.  Sadly many are still living in the orphanage.

Three guys hanging out.This reality was both my high and low for the day.  The low was that a young boy named Kevin had lived all his life in an orphanage never having the opportunity for adoption.  He is a bright, well-behaved, and kind young man.  My sister told him that I had come to the orphanage when he was a baby and held him.  The high was that this young boy has been loved on and so well cared for by the staff of this christian orphanage. The director has a loving heart for the children and does a fantastic job with his staff of 16 caring for the 41 children who call this orphanage home.  The facility and property is absolutely beautiful. The love of Christ was displayed all over the property through the excellent private elementary school (which enrolls over 120 kids from the town and orphanage), a manna feeding center which  feeds poor neighborhood children once a day five days a week (over 50 kids each day), by providing summer camp facilities to many churches in the month of December and of course at the orphanage.  The orphanage even cares for 8 children who are disabled.  Their newest arrival came a week earlier when she was just ten days old.Photo Time

Schools OutThe christian ethic of human dignity teaches us that all lives matter because they are created in the image of God.  The missionaries and staff of this orphanage live out this ethic every day in a 1000 different way.  I’m thankful I was able to come back, find Kevin, and show my own children what Christians mean when we say that “all lives matter to God.”