The alarm clock went off way too early.  By 3:30 am the family was dressed and loaded for the drive to the airport for an early morning flight.  The three youngest enjoyed their first plane ride today.  I asked Zeke what his high was for the day.  It was the take offs.   I asked Evie what her high was for the day .  For her it was the landings.  After a quick breakfast at the the McDonalds in the Atlanta terminal we boarded the flight to Guatemala.   Immigration and customs was a breese and all our bags came through undisturbed.  We stepped into the sunshine appreciative for the uneventful first leg of the journey.   Heidi and I are thankful for all your prayers for our family’s safe arrival.  The Lord certainly blessed us with a calm day.

After rapidly unpacking at Karen’s house, we ventured out for dinner at the Kinmens home.   As I type this tucked comfortably in bed, I’m again struck by how necessary a good, safe, reliable home is for our missionaries serving abroad.  Jerry and Mindy have lived in the same home for ten years this month.  Stability for our missionary families is greatly aided when they know where they are going to pillow their head year in and year out.  Missionary homes provide space for kids, pets, dinner parties, prayer groups, and overnight guests.  Today two Guatemalan missionaries have shared their homes with the Kolb tribe.  Yummy Tacos at one, and a hot shower and comfy bed at the other, blessed fellowship enjoyed at each.  Tonight I have more than one reason to be thankful for our missionaries homes.

Before you close this page, think about the last time you used your home for the purpose of christian hospitality and fellowship.  If it has been a while, why not talk to your spouse and then engage your family with a hospitality challenge.   Invite someone over for tacos or homeade pizza and use your home as a blessing to others.