Airplane-Trace-on-Blue-Sky-Gradient-WallpaperSoon after Heidi and I announced to our children that we would be travelling to Guatemala on a mission trip to visit their aunt, my son was in the back seat of my car and spotted an airplane way up in the sky. He asked as any seven year old who has never flow in a plane before logically would… “Dad is that the plane we are going to fly on?”

God has provided a way for me to take my family on a missions trip to Guatemala. Heidi and I, along with a group of about 20 from our church, traveled there to visit some friends in 2009. We are looking forward to going back. Karen (my sister and missionary) and I have planned a full itinerary with ministry opportunities occurring just about every day. I’ll be blogging throughout our trip to keep you abreast of what God is revealing to us about His love for the Mayan people.

You can pray for me that I will not be so task oriented that I forget to actually lead my family closer to God in the adventure. You can pray for my family to be safe, healthy and aware of the new realities they will be faced with when they step off the airplane. Processing God’s great big diverse world will be a challenge for them in many ways. Specifically I’m praying that God uses this trip to open up in their hearts a new found understanding of missions and grow their desire to serve others. I’m very thankful that my sister has taken time out of her busy ministry schedule to host us. Please ask God to give us wonderful fellowship with her, Jerry and Mindy Kinman and the rest of team Guatemala.

Last night my son got his binoculars out of his top dresser drawer. I asked him, “What are those for?” He said, “to look out the window of the airplane…” I’ll let you know how that works out on our upcoming airplane ride.

Already counting my blessings,

Pastor Kevin