IMG_7195The Quinlans (Larry and Nancy) had the Crawfords (Tom and Janice) come to their house to join us for dinner Saturday evening.  The meal was great.  Chicken Parmesan, veggies and wonderful garlic bread.  But the real joy was sitting around the table discussing the work of God in Indonesia (past, present, and future).  The conversation never really died down.  We went from one topic to the other with ease.  I asked some questions but mainly listened to two really good, really faithful missionaries share their thoughts with me about Indonesia.  I thought I’d let you in on some of the topics.  

  • We discussed how God enables the missionary to do what he is called to.  
  • We discussed how the Lord called them to Indonesia and later confirmed that call.
  • We discussed what obstacles they have faced and are currently facing.
  • We discussed why many missionaries come off the field.
  • We discussed why Indonesia is not “on the map” of most in the BBFI.
  • We discussed what could be done to put it on the map and draw attention to the need.
  • We discussed team missions and the prospect of getting younger missionary interns to Indonesia.
  • We discussed raising kids on the mission field.

It was a blessing.  I believe the Lord used it to set the stage for a great week here in Indonesia.