Classroom filled with young and old alike eager to know more about Biblical Counselling

Classroom filled with young and old alike eager to know more about Biblical Counselling

WOW! What an unbelievable thing it was to stand up on a Saturday morning and see sixty plus Christian servants sitting at attention, eager to hear what the Bible has to say about warning and admonishing each other in the church.  I prayed that God would help Larry and I to develop a good cadence as he translated my words into the Indonesian language.  I had previously sent him my notes which he translated for a handout the day before, so the material was pretty familiar to him.  I did stump him a couple times (the word restore means to set a broken bone, Gal 6:1).  He did not know the word for setting a bone in Indonesian.  Apparently his kids never had any accidents when they lived here.  Other than that, It went very well.  

IMG_7173I used the white board to explain the theological pyramid, and I drew an illustration explaining progressive sanctification.  Rather than copy the illustrations onto their own paper many of the younger students took out their phones and took a picture of the white board once I was done drawing.  (What really blew me away concerning the use of technology in Asia was the young man in Singapore who typed a text message of my entire watch night sermon while I was speaking and sent it out to the church list just minutes after I concluded!!! … now back to “Why Counsel”)  The group was hungry for the truth.  We took a break about an hour or so into the material.  There was a buzz in the room.

I don't know what it is called but it was good.

I don’t know what it is called but it was good.

We ate some sweet, green doughy snack with coconut in the middle (YUM!) and got right back to teaching.

The second part was an explanation of Paul’s philosophy of ministry from Colossians 1.  It reiterated much of the same material from the first hour, but gave us a chance to restate and re-emphasize the principles from the Bible.  That is always a good thing.  We ended right at 12:00 p.m., because many of those in the crowd had ministries that they were responsible for that Saturday afternoon, but the sponsoring pastor wanted us to take the time for Q & A. So for the next half hour, several good questions were asked.

 IMG_7163What a joy this time was.  Larry and Nancy later told me how helpful the material was.  It was a joy to share with others truths that have helped my ministry, even if it was in a different culture.  Ministry is ministry,  it has a way of transcending culture.  I often forget that people’s problems are the same around the world, and the Bible is really the only source for any lasting help or hope.    Why Counsel?  Because we have the answers in God’s Word, no matter what language it is printed in.  That is what we celebrated on Saturday morning.  We then went back to Larry and Nancy’s home and took a nice long nap.