Taken from a bus window and Emma and I traveled around the city.

Taken from a bus window while Emma and I traveled around the city.

In light of the record cold and subzero wind chill back home, I hate to tell you about the absolutly beautiful climate of Phuket, but to tell the story of this city I have to explain.  The tempurature is a comfortable 75 though it feels like 86 with the humidity.  It is slightly overcast with a subtle breeze off the Adamann sea.  Again there is a point and it is not to make you jealous.  Phuket is the tourist captiol of Thailand.  Close to the southern most tip of the country it lies close to the equator, creating a rather tropical feel.  Paradise? No, but very nice if you’re traveling from a colder climate.  And that is excactly what people from all over the world do this time of year.  They go “on holiday” and travel to warmer climates to relax and excape the bitter cold.  In the US it would be equivalent to what the snow birds do in the winter.  That being said, Phuket is not a vacation desitnation for the Thai people.  It is a money making city.  Tourism is by far the number one industry in this sleepy little part of the country.  The Tourists come from Korea (which can be very cold in the winter) Russia, China, South Africa, Austrailia, New Zeland, and all over Europe.  The city has the feel of Branson, MO with its cheep hotels and corner resturants blended with the sandy beaches of sunny Pensacola, FL.

If your wondering why we came here on our missions trip it is because we are here to visit BBFI missionaries David and Joy Speights along with their daughter Jasmine.  They were approved by the BBF in May of 1985 and have served the Thai people for thirty years now.  They have worked and planted churches all over Thailand, but for the last ten years they have been working down here in the south.  The locals are Muslim rather than Buddhist, and their traditional  occupation was fishing prior to the commercialization of the tourist industry fourty years ago.  Building churches here is difficult, as many of the Thai people in the service industry have come from another part of Thailand to make money and then return back to their homes in the low season.  David and Joy need our prayers as they strive to live out Christ and make disciples among the locals and ex-patriots who have made this area their home.  Tonight we are headed to their mid-week Bible study with friends who come over and want to learn more about Christ.

If the Lord has recently spoken to your heart about missions and you want to speak with me when I get back to the states, please don’t reference this blog post as the one that prompted God’s voice:)  Even though the weather is nice, the work is very difficult.  But mid-way through our trip in southeast asia, I am enjoying the weather!

Taken from the top floor of a local resort. A massive tsumani hit this beach ten years ago devistating the coast.

Taken from the top floor of a local resort. A massive tsumani hit this beach ten years ago, devastating the coast.