20150106_190910Early this morning we boarded a plane, took off and in seconds the view of Bangkok was hidden by the clouds, but it was the view we had from the Bayiok Sky Hotel that will provide me with my lasting memory of my trip to Bangkok.  It was the view of a missionary whose heart beats for the Thai people.

Our last meal was on the 76th floor of the hotel, an absolute stunning view that accompanied a very delicious international buffet.  Ricky and Tammy typically always take groups here on the last night of their stay in Bangkok and for a good reason.  You see the sheer size of the task that lies ahead for those who want to reach the Thai people.

Ricky and Tammy over looking their mission field, the city of Bangkok.

Ricky and Tammy over looking their mission field, the city of Bangkok.

After the dinner, we took another elevator and climbed a couple of flights and then stepped out on a revolving observation deck on the 89th floor (this hotel is the 41st tallest building in the world, the tallest in Bangkok).  But better than the view was the passion of the man I stood next to. Ricky Salmon shared with me his desire to reach the city of Bangkok with the gospel of Jesus.  He shared we with me an incredible goal.  After noting that his church was the only Baptist church in the city limits of Bangkok (there are some on the outer edges of the city but none in the city’s core) he pointed to the city’s thousands of high rises and said I want to find a way to get the gospel into every one of those buildings.  He said he had been thinking about some ideas so I asked, “What’s your best plan so far?”  He said, “My best idea so far is to create some really nice calendars,  put a super photo on each month along with some Psalms and Proverb’s quotes and then insert the gospel.”  He said they would have to be pretty nice so even the wealthy families would see it and think, “Oh I want to keep that.”   Friends, that is a big, hairy audacious goal.

Thai Budha is everywhere.

Thai Buddha is everywhere.  Here they are shown for sale in a local market. People purchase these and take them home for good luck.

If Ricky were with you tonight he would tell you  that their greatest need is not for a million high quality calenders (calenders may open the apartment’s door, but not the heart’s door).  He would tell you, as he told me last night, Bangkok needs workers.  People who will commit themselves to making disciples which will in turn, make disciples.  Addition is not the answer in a city of 14 million.  They need to multiply.  And don’t think Ricky was just asking for more American missionaries, though each one helps.  Ultimately Bangkok needs Thai believers who will be forged by the Word of God and take serious the great commission.

Hey, everyone back in St. Louis.  Take a look at your city today?  What do you see?  What is the solution?  What part are you playing in God’s harvest?