Tuesday is our last full day in the city of Bangkok.  No time for sightseeing.  The deaf olympics are less than two weeks away.  Ricky and Tammy were busy all day getting supplies for their deaf team who will compete in events ranging from Ping Pong to Soccer.  We tagged along with Ricky as he drove into the center of town to pick up some supplies that were donated by corporations for their deaf ministry.  I jotted the following note in my journal.  I’m giving it to you untouched.  This is my personal reflection on the seemingly simple task that ended up taking half the day.  Sorry, no pictures.  It was way too hot to be thinking about snapping photos as we waited…

The following note came from a journal entry titled – Why I love Missionaries.

To watch them (missionaries) hurry up and wait on the nationals without frustration (maybe a little) is a lesson all in itself – They know what they are trying to do yet they are fully aware of God’s sovereignty.  We left at the right time – we followed the GPS – we found the right warehouse – yet the guy who was supposed to unlock and open it up so we could pick up 21 boxes of donated Gatorade was nowhere to be found.  When he does show up, how does Ricky respond?  He treated this guy as if he was his long lost buddy. He  told him about the ministry they were doing with the deaf soccer team and then the guy asked us if we could help teach him English.  Ricky wrote down the address and told him about the church. I’m sure that this guy will show up at the Bangkok Baptist Church someday soon.  What if he had blown up at the guy for making us wait – do you think he would ever consider coming to our church? – NO WAY.

And what did Ricky do the half hour we waited?  He sat on the back of his pickup truck, bought some local food from a traveling street vendor and asked my daughter questions about what she liked about Bangkok. Did he want to get the Gatorade and get back to life, Yes. It was a sticky 91 degrees (very high humidity).  Yet he knew there was nothing he could do other than wait for the company to send someone over while they tried to locate the guys who didn’t show up.

This is a great lesson for all of us.  Be patient if things don’t go according to plan.  Yes do what you can, but when Murphy’s law hits close to home, realize it was a whole lot more God and His sovereign plan than Murphy and his dumb luck.  

On a personal note. halfway through our trip, Emma and I are doing well physically and spiritually.  We are having a great time with the missionaries.  We aren’t necessarily doing all the touristy things that foreigners do in a city like Bangkok or Singapore, but we are really enjoying observing the cities through the eyes of missionaries who live and work in those places.  We prefer seeing these places from that perspective.  We are thankful for your prayers.  We are looking forward to challenging more of you to go on a mission’s trip this year.  It really does impact your view of the world.