wpid-20150104_143012.jpgSunday morning after the service and lunch a young  adult from the deaf ministry who has been asking many spiritual questions asked to speak with Mrs. Tammy.  They went to a quite place in the church and emerged thirty minutes later with huge smiles on their faces.  Nun, who has heard the gospel for over five months at the Bangjok Baptist Church, trusted Jesus as her Savior.  The whole church was over joyed with her decision.  Later that day as we were getting on the public transportation she told Tammy through sign that her heart had never felt so light.  Tammy later told Emma and I that while explaining the gospel to Nun at the church, Nun asked her, “what if you have a whole lot of sin and not just a little sin, can you still get saved?”  Tammy told her that Paul said he was the chiefest of sinners and God saved him.  

Salvations like this one in a land of 60 million Buddhist are rare.  Getting to experience the new birth while in Thailand is really beyond words.  I look forward to formally introducing you to Nun someday in heaven.