Pastor May tells the story of God's work in his life.

Pastor May tells the story of God’s work in his life.

 As a young boy May believed in any and everything that would bring him peace.  He worshiped with the Buddhists, the Muslims, his ancestors and the spirit gods. He was always frustrated that he could never seem to please the spirit gods. He grew increasingly frustrated with that life.  When his uncle died, the family decided that he would become a Buddhist monk in order to assure that he would go to heaven.  Being a young man he was always taught to bow to his elders, but two hours after he became an intern as a monk his family elders were bowing to him.  He asked them why they were bowing to him.  They said it was because I was wearing the orange robe.  He said that at that point he wanted to take it off and throw it in the corner and tell them go worship the robe.  Because  the monks he trained with didn’t follow the precepts of Buddha, he quickly  became discouraged.  He asked the monk if his service guaranteed that his uncle went to heaven, and the monk state there is no way to know for sure that anyone could go to heaven.  With this news he decided to leave the priesthood.  He went back to live with his family in the country.

May noticed a young girl and wanted to take her on a date.  She just so happened to be the daughter of an evangelist. If he wanted to taker her on a date, he had to come to church.  People from the church would ask him if he wanted to become a believer, and he would say he was a Christian.  As he told us the story he paused and stated that only his mouth was a Christian, he was not.

Pastor May has an infections smile though I was near tears several times as he told me his story.

Pastor May has an infections smile though I was near tears several times as he told me his story.

May moved down to the city of Kompetom, and in the city he and his wife started attending the church.  It was there when he saw what a real Christian was.  He realized that he was not a true Christian.  There, under the ministry of missionary Will Rodgers, May placed his faith in Jesus Christ and for the first time became assured of his eternal home in heaven.  He was so excited to be a real Christian.  He wanted to serve the Lord so he came early to church and would set up the chairs and pass out the hymnals and bulletins.    It wasn’t long before the missionary came to him and stated I’ve been praying for someone like you.  I would like you to study the Bible and become a pastor.  That very day he went to  his work, got his paycheck and quit. He abruptly moved back to the country.  He thought he would never hear from that missionary again. One day he was in the field working and he looked up and saw the missionary coming up the path.  The missionary spoke with him and asked him to come back down to the city to study the Bible so God could use him.  He agreed. Later that week he left his home and headed down to the main road that would take him to the city. instead of getting on a bus to go to the city, he got on a bus that went twelve hours in the opposite direction to a city called Chang Mi.  He was still running from God’s calling, but God has a way of getting a hold of his children.  While there his wife (he ended up marrying the evangelist’s daughter) became pregnant.  During the delivery his wife’s water broke and still after three days, the baby was not delivered.  He told God on that third day, “God I will do anything you want if my wife and child come through this healthy.”  God spared both of them and so he moved back to the city of Kompetom near his village to prepare to study the Bible.  However his missionary friend was no longer in the country, because his daughter became sick and the church in the city near his village had  closed down.   He thought he was off the hook.  One day he went to church in a different town, but the conviction of God was so heavy on him that he couldn’t even stay through the service.  He went back  home to his village and wrote his missionary friend in the states a letter.  He told him that he was willing to serve God if it wasn’t too late.  He thought if he didn’t hear from the missionary by a certain time he would  take that as God saying he didn’t want to use me.  Two days later, he still hadn’t heard anything so he thought that God was done with him.  A week later; still nothing.  He figured he was off the hook ,but later that week the letter came back from the missionary telling him that God would be happy to use him.  May connected with Ricky Salmon, and he began his bible study preparing for the ministry.  

It was a privledge to meet this humble servant of the Lord.  There is no gopsel witness in his town of 70,000 and no church within a two hour drive.  Pray for Pastor May to remain faithful.

It was a privilege to meet this humble servant of the Lord. There is no gospel witness in his town of 70,000 and no church within a two hour drive. Pray for Pastor May to remain faithful.

Today Pastor May has reopened the old church that Will Rodger had started. He has led that congregation along with Bro. Ricky for the last fifteen years.  The last eight years he has pastored it by himself.  He is a terrific evangelist, servant and lighthouse in his city.  He spends Thursdays and Fridays with some migrant hill tribe people from up north giving them the gospel and teaching them the Thai language.  He spends Wednesdays helping Bro. Salmon at the maximum security prison in their city, and he serves as a chaplain at a local hospital.  He is also the president of the not-for-profit organization which provides an avenue for missionaries to get visas to get into the country and serve the Thai people both physically and spiritually.  On top of all that, he uses his veterinarian degree/skills to go into the hill country and help the tribal farmers with their livestock free of charge.  He does all this to present the love of Christ so that his city will come to understand who Jesus is.  As a result of his life change and service for the Lord, he has been able to lead his mother, brother, and grandmother to the Lord.