IMG_6510The contrast could not have been more clear than it was tonight in the lives of the two taxi drivers who transported us to and from dinner.

The guy who picked us up to take us to dinner quickly engaged us in discussion and soon confessed to us that he had been saved.  Bro. Ray, sitting in the seat next to the driver, calmly replied “could you tell me what you mean when you say you got saved”.  The taxi cab driver went on to tell us about the amazing change that happened in his life since the night he was strung out, addicted to gambling, and on the verge of suicide.  At that point his wife came to him and said with tears in her eyes, “the only person who can save you is Jesus.”  That night he was saved and the next day checked into gambler rehab.  That was four years ago.  He hasn’t gambled since. He no longer hangs out with his bookees.  He now works a real job, is active in his local church (the New Life Christian church) and just recently got back from a mission trip to Paupa where he took medical supplies along with the gospel to those who had never heard.  This young husband and father had a real testimony of Christian transformation  (all things becoming new).  What a joy that cab ride was as all of us chimed in and spoke of the power of the gospel to save.

Sadly the ride home involved a completely different conversation.  The driver was quiet and limited his chatting to directions only.  About halfway home Bro. Ray explained that he lived in Singapore and was a pastor.  He asked the driver of this second taxi if he attended church anywhere. The man replied that he did not and laughed.  When pressed in the subject of religion he claimed Taoist ( a religion from northern China).  He didn’t know much about it other than that they were loud in their worship while buddists were quiet.  He knew that they would go to two places – up or down but was unsure if he was good enough to go up.   He sadly had no idea what it would take for him to go to heaven.  He did explain that ultimately, if someone was good enough, they would “go up and become like a god.”

Two different taxi rides; Two different taxi drivers; Two different conversations; Two Different responses; Two different destinations.  One driver I’m confident I’ll see again someday;  the other driver was left with a track and an invitation to church, and the knowledge that Jesus must be accepted as Lord if his sins would be forgiven.

The contrast is great between light and darkness.  Do you see it in the world around you?