Kevin Kolb on January 17th, 2015

  Thursday was one long day.  Emma and I were in route back to St. Louis for over 25 hours.  It was good that our last flight from Chicago to St. Louis was the shortest leg, because our excitement to get back to our family was boiling over.  They were as excited to see us, […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 12th, 2015

There is joy in serving Jesus as I journey on my way. Joy that fills my heart with praises every hour and every day. There is joy in serving Jesus as I walk alone with God Tis the joy of Christ my Saviour who the path of suffering trod Chorus: There is joy, joy, joy […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 12th, 2015

The Quinlans (Larry and Nancy) had the Crawfords (Tom and Janice) come to their house to join us for dinner Saturday evening.  The meal was great.  Chicken Parmesan, veggies and wonderful garlic bread.  But the real joy was sitting around the table discussing the work of God in Indonesia (past, present, and future).  The conversation […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 11th, 2015

As Emma finished introducting her song with the aid of translation by missionary Nancy Quinlan and walked over to the pinao to sing, Larry Quinlan leaned over to me and said, “you have to be very proud of your daughter.”  I could hardly answer back as my throat was getting a little choked up and […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 11th, 2015

WOW! What an unbelievable thing it was to stand up on a Saturday morning and see sixty plus Christian servants sitting at attention, eager to hear what the Bible has to say about warning and admonishing each other in the church.  I prayed that God would help Larry and I to develop a good cadence […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 11th, 2015

The flight from Phuket to Jakarta was delayed.  Emma and I experienced a hectic evening as we tried to process through customs.  The lines were long, people were cutting.   I was scouting the fastest way, but later realized there was no fastest way.  We were going to be there for a while.  This is why […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 11th, 2015

It seemed like everywhere I turned, I saw Buddha.  Thailand is filled with statues of Buddha.  Each home has a “spirit house” in their yard to keep away evil spirits.  Thousands of Temples fill the neighborhoods of Bangkok.  Amulets are sold throughout the country to be worn for protect and to bring good luck.  In […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 8th, 2015

I have always beleived a little friendly competition is a good thing.  When the competition is between two sisters who are striving to make the best Amerian style burritos for their guests from America, it is a great thing.   Yes, Emma and I think of mexican food as our love language.  Ginger Crocker, a missionary […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 8th, 2015

In light of the record cold and subzero wind chill back home, I hate to tell you about the absolutly beautiful climate of Phuket, but to tell the story of this city I have to explain.  The tempurature is a comfortable 75 though it feels like 86 with the humidity.  It is slightly overcast with […]

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Kevin Kolb on January 7th, 2015

Early this morning we boarded a plane, took off and in seconds the view of Bangkok was hidden by the clouds, but it was the view we had from the Bayiok Sky Hotel that will provide me with my lasting memory of my trip to Bangkok.  It was the view of a missionary whose heart […]

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