After a long 24 hours of travel and 27 straight hours of being awake, we arrived safely home. God is good, what a joy it was to arrive at the airport and be surprised to find our children meeting us at the gate. It was a short and quick reminder of how wonderful a reunion it will be when genuine followers of Christ meet together in the presence of Jesus! Our bodies are still re-adjusting from the jet-lag, in our minds we know it’s day time but our bodies scream to us that it is not.

Many of you have already asked “how was your trip” to which we have given the expected response “it was good”. Both Jessica and I look forward to sharing with you all soon what the Lord is doing in that region of the world as well as how God is working in our lives. During our trip God blessed us with new friendships that we suspect will last a lifetime, it is amazing how your heart so easily and quickly knits together with other followers of Christ when you both desire to glorify Him and draw others to His saving power. The reality of the need and what it truly means to pray for our missionaries is so much more real than it so often is as we simply read a prayer letter or glance over a blurb in the church bulletin. The loneliness, the hardships, the threats, the difficulties, the fears, the victories, the spiritual warfare, the grace and protection of God, is all so much more evident as you walk in there shoes and fight along side with them. Please, please, please pray for your missionaries, the letters they write are not just words on a page, it is real life. I, on behalf of all our foreign missionaries plead with you to pray for God’s will in their lives and in their work for Him.

So what do we do now? Now, God calls us to be faithful, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, teaching and preaching the Scriptures so that others can know Christ and become mature followers of Jehovah. I pray today that you are being a missionary, that you are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with your words and with you life as you go to school, to work, to the gas station, to your son’s ball game, to the gym, to the grocery story, or maybe, just maybe halfway around the world. Christ was clear in the Scriptures when He wrote “whoever will come after me let him deny himself, pick up his cross and follow Me”….does this describe you, what cost is it that you are unwilling to pay in order to follow Christ and spread the message of the Gospel into all the world?