We are doing well. We spent Wednesday to the North with our missionaries. We had a great time eating some american cooking and fellowshipping together. We were able to see part of their ministry at a school for refugee children. It was a great help to spend time with them and gain from their wisdom (we both wished we would have had more time with them). We were able to purchase a much needed heater for one of our missionaries with some of the money that you have given for our trip.
After breakfast on Thursday we headed to the south. We have been privileged to spend time with the two different families doing work here. While here we have helped in their Friday children’s program, playing games and listening to Bible stories (or trying it was all in a different language). The church here in the south is made up of almost all refugees. They will expect about 150 to attend the services this Sunday of which all will be of of the local faith. I am excited about the opportunity to preach the Gospel to them. Pray that Gods word will be clear and not hindered in translation.
On Friday we spent time visiting some refugee families in their homes. One family we visited had 14 people with at least 8 kids in what we would consider unlivable conditions. The grandmother was taking care of four kids from another family because their parents had been killed in the war. Ministry here is much the same, but also much different. The goals are the same, hearts are the same, but circumstances and hardships of life are much different for the refugees.

Please continue to pray for the work of the Gospel here!