Upon our first step here we felt a combination of fear, anxiousness, confusion, curiosity along with burden and excitement. That fear, anxiousness, curiosity have all lessened and the burden and excitement have grown as we have walked the streets in the heart of the city, visiting stores, eating at local restaurants and visiting local places of worship. I had the privilege today of visiting a class at the local university, going to the beach and seeing some tourist attractions. Yesterday, we were blessed to attend church services here, listen to the Word of God preached and spend time with the whole church for lunch….it was a great blessing.
During our touring of the city our hearts have been challenged by those trapped in spiritual darkness as well as those hurting as a result of war. On Saturday as we walked the streets downtown Jessica had the opportunity to purchase food for a struggling mom/child who had not eaten anything the whole day. The city itself is a paradox of rich and poor, brand new and old, war torn and rebuilt. I encourage you to praise God for the blessings in your life, primarily for your redemption but also for your family and physical provisions.
Pray for us, I feel a great weight and torn emotions. We miss home, we miss our children and we look forward to being with our church family again. It is a mental strain praying, talking and seeking the Lords will for our family long term.
God is good we praise Him and thank for the privilege of meeting genuine believers here.

Psalms 104:1