In six short days Jessica and I will board a plane and 22 hours later reach our destination. Our hearts and minds are filled with excitement, anticipation, anxiousness and fear. God has already so graciously supplied every one of our needs. We praise God for His supply, seen first in a member of our church sacrificing his airline miles to purchase our tickets and then followed by an overwhelming demonstration of love by our church body as they gave so generously. Seeing what God has already done and in anticipation of what He will do has humbled our hearts and amazed in our minds. I have often thought of the Psalmist words “what is man, that you are mindful of him?”. How astonishing it is that our Creator God would choose to use sinful, unworthy people  like you and me to do His will and share the hope of His Son in all the world!

As we make our final preparations these last few days the reality of our trip is setting in. We are going to a foreign land, a land very familiar with war and religious conflict, a land which our government warns traveling to. Our departure requires leaving our children and more than ever placing them in the hands of an all-powerful, perfectly faithful, completely loving God. Please pray that our faith in God would grow!  Pray that we would take every opportunity to preach the Gospel, encourage other believers and bring glory to God in all of our words, thoughts and actions.

In our preparation for this trip we have often been thought of as crazy. Friends and family in their own way have  asked, “why would you go there, have you not listened to the news”? The answer “why would we go” is love, the Bible says that “perfect love cast out fear”, that if love drives us and is preeminent in our hearts we will do what we would never normally do because we love God and we love those whom He sent His only Perfect Son to die for! I wonder…….does this same love drive you at school, at your workplace and in your home?

Thank-you for the overwhelming demonstration of love and support, please be faithful to pray for us, just as you have committed to do! God will be faithful, He always is, it is the prayer of your Pastor that as our faith grows and our burden for lost souls grows, in particular to reach Arab Muslims, that your faith in God and your burden for lost souls would also grow.

We do all this by God’s all-sufficient grace and for the the glory of the ONE who is all-worthy of praise and worship, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!