Today saw a lot accomplished. The team is getting close to finishing the painting and construction. We were able to finish the plumbing, finish the wiring for light and sound that we needed to do and get close to finishing the barns that will hold the flat screens. Ariel did an awesome job on painting swans and scenery around the castle and Sarah was busy all day painting clouds on the ceiling and walls. They looked perfect. Abby was busy touching up spots on the stage, helping paint the archway from one room to the next and the doors for the barn. Heather got the barn frames painted as well as the roofs. Mike fixed a sink, worked with Glenn on wiring for lighting and ran the table saw for a while. Jason and Brian finished the plumbing and put most of the building components together. The doors and a few other items should complete the buildings.

Tomorrow is our last scheduled working day. We need to finish painting, install doors on the buildings, finish installing some of the paneling on the buildings and clean up. We are also trying to get a chance to help another of our missionaries (Renae Thompson) who is moving tomorrow. Please pray that we can get all this accomplished.

Today was also filled with many blessings. Abby shared a wonderful devotion to start the morning.  Keith shared how exciting it was to see the great teamwork and wonderful spirit of the group. Keith’s son in law bought us lunch today. He and another gentleman mentioned how amazed they were that we would take our personal vacation time and money to travel to Germany and spend a week working to help another church. The fruits of this labor are reaching more than just the children that will get to use the new rooms.