The team arrived safely in Germany this morning. The flight was delayed a half hour leaving  Atlanta and we had a full plane. 275 people wanting their luggage at the same time can put the schedule behind a bit. Matt and Kathy Harrison picked us up at the airport and brought us to the church where the guest house is. After a wonderful brunch with the Gandy’s, Renae Thompson, the Harrisons and Glenn (who will be leading our construction work) we were off to see the town. Glenn took us out to see Aschaffenburg. It is a beautiful city. We were able to test out one of the ice cream shops in town. We think we may have to try out a few more ice cream stores as well as a soft pretzel or two this week.

We are still running on almost no sleep from when we met at the church Friday morning at 9:00 am. It is hard to fold yourself into a small enough size to fit in the coach seats and still be able to sleep. We have dinner with staff and some church members this evening then a relaxing evening before services in the morning.

Tomorrows plans include worshiping our Lord in the morning and a tour of the Wurzburg Residence in the afternoon.